If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 360° photo is worth many more...

Every social platform has its own audience and interest group, so you need should be aware of where and when to post its content. For example, if you use Facebook or Instagram to promote your goods and services, you may post 360° images that summarizes a lot of detail and can capture audience’s attention easily (a picture is worth a thousand words, so 360° photo is worth many more). People will tend to share, comment or ask questions regarding the post, this leads to more brand awareness and customer engagement.

You can benefit from this marketing tool by saving their time and audience time while viewing, instead of writing a long descriptions, infographic and many photos to explain a certain topic. Posting 360° image will assure more eyes on the content and will take your property to another stream of attention. Basically organic 360° photos performed much better, gaining 45% more interactions than conventional photos (Study by Branova, 2017). Another statistic says that 80% of marketers who have used 360° videos say it has increased engagement for them (Study by Gannon, 2018).

360° photography can be incorporated into web pages and social media posts to create an interactive and memorable experience for clients, which will keep your prospects looking at a website 5 or 10 times longer.