Most people are shocked to find that they still make simple mistakes, even though they’ve ‘done it a hundred times’. The fact is that most people are overwhelmed, and mistakes are so easy to make...

 We are multitasking all day in order to keep up with the fast paced 'always on' competitive world we are living in. We have a hundred competing priorities and we use hard to execute strategies hoping to gain some kind of strategic advantage. Mistakes are made, and our ability to succeed becomes a huge challenge. Once we are able to turn them around or use the mistakes of others to our advantage, success is guaranteed.

MisTAKE Advantage The Simple way to Build and Sustain Remarkable Success by Taking Advantage of your Mistakes

Success is not random, it’s deliberate. MisTAKE Advantage™ is a methodology that provides the mental models and frameworks that allow us to solve the toughest challenges while also creating positive, productive innovative solutions that deliver desired outcomes at scale.

MisTAKE Advantage is based upon an innovation focused approach based on Social and Behavioral Sciences, Neuroscience, and Management Science.

It’s time to reframe the mistake so it can finally become an advantage.

The MisTAKE Advantage approach is to assess the outcome of the mistake in order to obtain the data we need to take advantage of the situation at hand. MisTAKE Advantage Assessments expose quantitative data that reveal hidden opportunities that were missed in the past.

This is done by extracting patterns that reveal what was overlooked. These insights inform a strategy that points the way towards a competitive advantage.

Mistake Advantage Model: Design a High-Purpose Solution

Without strategy, success is random. MisTAKE Advantage creates a scalable model for executing an aligned and unified solutions. It connects the unseen dots, forming a movement that drives success.

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