Simple Style Tips to Elevate Your Property

Preparing your property for a photoshoot can seem daunting, but we have styling tips that explain how to prepare each room to be photographed. For best results, follow along while you style each room! Click here to see the tips.

Clean Before Your Scheduled Shoot

Your listing images give guests an indication of what they can expect from a stay in your home. This means that they’ll expect to see images of a clean space, the same way they would upon arrival. A clean and tidy home helps guests visualize themselves in the space.

We ask that there are no interruptions at the time of the photoshoot. These include planned cleanings, renovations, and anything else that might interrupt the photographer.

The professional photographer will be focused on capturing the perfect composition and lighting during the hour they spend at your listing. This means it’s up to you to style it the way you want it photographed before the photographer arrives.