Why do I need to hire a professional 360º photographer?

Since the rise and popularity of affordable digital cameras, the number of photographers in the world has skyrocketed. Add to that the number of people who own a camera phone, and that number goes up into the millions, maybe even billions. Social media apps such as Instagram has also made it quite easy to put a filter on an image. These factors all lead to the fact that many call themselves “photographers”.

But are there differences between amateur and professional photographers and 360º photographers? 

A professional photographer will be focused on capturing the perfect composition and lighting during the hour they spend at your listing, a 360º photographer takes everything to the next level. 

Our 360º photographers adhere to a set of guidelines we provide to ensure high-quality results. Our art direction prepares the photographers to photograph all different types of properties, lighting situations, and homes. This is how we achieve elevated, cohesive images.

Professionals have encountered many different situations and locations, and unforeseen circumstances. Those events help them to anticipate and deal with potential issues before they surface.

No matter what it takes, our 360º professional photographers will get the job done.