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Overland Magazine 

   Please enjoy reading these issues of the Overland travel magazine, a "test project" I started a few years ago. It was a fun venture that served as a creative outlet, where I could use some of my many travel photos. Sadly it took up a lot of my time and eventually I got sidetracked into other ventures.

Hopefully you will  find some useful information or find some inspiration in the articles that were written by some world class writers.


In this Issue: 

Gear Guide

Tibet: A photo essay from Lhasa to Mt Everest by Rolf Magener

China to Kyrgyzstan: Adventure in the Pamirs by Lance Manion

Eating China: A culinary tour by Joseph Rearny

Travel Tips: How to stay safe

Guide: Beijing and Shanghai

Tech: All you need to stay connected

Travel Apps

How to say it: Chinese


In this Issue: 

Top Gear

Mozambique: Mozambique rediscovered

Ethiopia: A photo essay by Rolf Magener

Morocco: Morocco sans Marrakech by Joseph Rearny

Trip Planning with Rolf Magener

Safari: Gorillas in the mist by Sue Ferreira

South Africa: All roads lead to Constantia by Baz Dreisinger

Travel Apps

How to say it: Swahili

Silk Road 

In this Issue: 

Top Gear

Marco Polos Road: A photo essay by Rolf Magener

Architecture of the Silk Road

Xian: A Feast For Eyes & Palate by Perry Klass

Top Ten: Top destinations of the Silk Road

Silk Road Memories by Steve Bodio

Cellphonography; Taking better photos with your phone by Rolf Magener

Travel Apps

South America 

In this Issue: 

Top Gear

Amazon: A photo essay

Argentina: The land of many lands by Sue Ferreira

Peru: Discovering the hidden treasures of Peru

Top Ten: Top destinations in South America

My Malaria: Suffering & Surviving Malaria by Steve Bodio

Travel Tip: Booking Airline Tickets

Atacama High: A High End Trip into the Chilean Desert

Pack it: All you need to pack properly

Travel Apps

How to say it: Spanish

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