Boots or Trail Runners?

It’s essential to choose footwear that you feel comfortable walking in for extended periods. Some pilgrims prefer the support and protection of boots, while others opt for the lightweight comfort of trail runners. But always consider factors like the weather forecast, terrain conditions the time of year you’re walking, and the specific route you’re taking… Continue reading Boots or Trail Runners?

How many kilometers is a stage?

The length of each stage can vary depending on the specific route taken and the starting point of the day, but on the Camino Frances and Norte they generally range from around 15 to 20 kilometers. Some stages can be shorter or longer depending on the terrain, accommodations available, and individual preferences of the pilgrim.… Continue reading How many kilometers is a stage?

What is the Pilgrims Credencial?

The credential, also known as the “pilgrim’s passport” or “credencial del peregrino” in Spanish, is a document that serves as both a record of your journey and a means of identification along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes.The credential contains your personal details, including your name and nationality. It serves as a form of identification,… Continue reading What is the Pilgrims Credencial?

How much does it cost?

Walking the Camino is not quite as cheap as you would expect. The exact figure for the total cost of walking the Camino de Santiago, can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and circumstances. However, many pilgrims budget around €25-50 per day for a modest but comfortable pilgrimage experience. A bed in an Albergue will… Continue reading How much does it cost?

What should I pack?

Remember to pack as lightly as possible, prioritizing essentials and versatile items. It’s also helpful to check the weather forecast for your planned route and season to adjust your packing list accordingly. Additionally, keep in mind that laundry facilities are available at most all albergues or hostels. Please see the packing list section and check… Continue reading What should I pack?

How long is the Camino?

The Frances is 790 Km – 490 Miles from SJPP and typically take about 30 to 40 days to walk The Portuguese da Costa and Central are about 350 km and take 10 to 14 days. The Camino del Norte is 850km – 513 Miles and takes about 35 to 43 days The Via de… Continue reading How long is the Camino?